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Recruitment & Retention Program

The strength of the Single Action Shooting Society® lies in our  affiliated club program and in our strength of membership; the members and shooters who devote themselves to the preservation and promotion of the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™.

Attracting new members and retaining current ones are among the most important aspects of a successful club and a successful SASS®. A thriving membership doesn’t just happen; it requires good planning and year-round attention.

It is the goal of the Single Action Shooting Society® to provide all SASS® affiliated clubs with the resources and support needed to build thriving, successful clubs. The contents of these guides are a compilation of the most tried and true methods for successful member recruitment customized for SASS® clubs. Many proven methods have emerged from some of the most successful SASS® clubs in the country for recruiting and retaining members, indicating the depth of knowledge and experience that exists within our organization.

We hope these guides will prove to be a resource for all SASS® affiliated clubs, and we encourage you to read and discuss these strategies within your club. Adopt any which you feel may help you recruit members more effectively. Please share your success stories with us and other clubs.

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