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Affiliated Merchants


Denham's - Cowboy leather products & cowboy clothing

Hunter's HD Gold - Advanced shooting lenses


Poncho Vegas Guns & Cowboy Leather - Single Action Firearms, Leather, Clothing, Ammo, Gun cleaning & care

Wild West Mercantile - Cowboy Clothing & Accessories


Scully - Apparel, handbags, leather, accessories

TJAYZ - Cowboy Leather Products, leather holsters, leather rigs, leather vests and leather hats.

Wild West Mercantile - Cowboy clothing & accessories


Florida Cowboy Co. - Single action firearms, cowboy leather products, reloading supplies, ammunition, gun cleaning and care products, antique firearms, curio/ relics, and modern firearms.


OnTarget Sights - CNC milled sights for SASS legal firearms


Cowboy Edge LLC - Cowboy action related tools, shot shell taper crimp tool


Two Bear Arms Gun Shop & Range - Cowboy ammo, reloading supplies, gun cleaning and care, Single action firearms, gunsmithing services


Red's Specialties - Custom laser engraving, checker/engrave gun stocks, event badges and awards


James Country Mercantile - Single action firearms, cowboy clothing, cowboy reloading supplies, gun cleaning care products, and custom 19th century clothing.

Missouri Bullet Company - Cowboy reloading supplies and gun cleaning and care products

SPG Sales LLC - Cowboy reloading supplies, gun cleaning and care products, targets, bullet lubricants, wood metal treatments, BPCR shooting accessories, and target shooting related books

New Mexico

Griner Gunworks - Single action firearms and single action gunsmithing services

New York

Mayhem's Mercantile Ltd. - Cowboy clothing, gun cleaning and care products


America's Gun Store LLC - Single action firearms, cowboy ammunition, cowboy leather products, gun cleaning and care products

Vandalia Range & Armory, Inc. - Single action firearms, ammunition, gun cleaning and care, gunsmithing services


Green Country Ammunition - Cowboy reloading supplies & cowboy ammunition

South Carolina

Bullets by Scarlett - Reloading supplies, ammo, cleaning & care products, Hardcast bullets, ear protection, Ballistol, Cleanshot powder, Federal primers


Cimarron Firearms - Handguns, custom guns, rifles, shotguns, leather & accessories

Long Hunter Shooting Supply - Single Action Firearms, cowboy leather products, single action gunsmithing services, gun parts.

Mernickle Holsters - Custom leather products

Texas Jacks - Clothing, shoes, accessories, guns, knives, dry goods


Taylor's & Co. Firearms - Handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, leather, parts, accessories

Affiliated Merchant Program

Become a SASS Affiliated Merchant and we’ll refer our members directly to you.

That’s right. SASS would like to support your business by referring our members to you. Why? Because we need SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting™ knowledgeable merchants nationwide.

How Does it Work?

SASS supplies:

- SASS® Membership Applications
- Informational Brochures
- A listing on our website with a link to your website
- A Listing in The Cowboy Chronicle with a link to your website
- Access to post promotional sales on the popular SASS® wire forum merchants corner (please contact for access)
- A Certificate that shows you are a supporting dealer in good standing
- We refer our members to you for related goods & service
- Affiliated Merchants will be featured in Email Blasts to all active members with an email address. On a quarterly basis. 

What Do You Have to Do to Be A SASS Affiliated Merchant?

- Educate yourself to how SASS functions by reading your SASS Information Packet
- Display our membership application in the supplied counter top display container
- Display your SASS Supporting Sticker where referrals can see it
- Be helpful, friendly and attentive when a customer mentions SASS
How Do I Qualify?

If you are a retail store that sells firearms, ammunition, western lifestyle, shooting sports related merchandise, or other outdoor products that would be of interest to our members, you qualify!

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the application, mail it or fax it in, and we’ll do the rest. That’s it! SASS believes this is a win-win situation. You benefit by our referrals. We benefit by providing a source our members can count on.

Affiliated Merchant Application

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