SASS Club Affiliation

The reason a club affiliates is very much the same reason one joins SASS, to belong. It has the benefit of getting the club shooting calendar and contact point published in The Cowboy Chronicle and on the SASS Web Site. Having the club visible in The Cowboy Chronicle and on the Web Site allows potential new members to find a place to shoot.

SASS requires certain information from the clubs, such as where you are located, who the contact is, where and when you shoot, and who your Territorial Governor is (if you have one), in addition you are required to have appropriate insurance to protect both yourself and SASS.

Click Here for a SASS Action Club Affiliation/Renewal Registration Form


Clubs renew their Club Affiliation with SASS annually, by December 1st for the upcoming calendar year.

A SASS Affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club Benefits

  • Access to SASS® Programs and Resource materials
    -Match Design & Administration
    -Scoring & Match Management Program
    -Shooters Handbooks & Resources
    • SASS® Recruiting – Earn commission revenue for
    signing up SASS® members
    • Club Awards – Each year SASS® recognizes
    outstanding clubs, members, and Territorial
    • Exclusive club discounts
    • Free Advertising through club listings on the SASS®
    website and in The Cowboy Chronicle
    • SASS® Marketing support; graphics, social media,
    publications, brochures, and videos
    • Membership Recruitment and Retention support
    • Club representation (Territorial Governor) at
    meetings, Summit, Convention
    • Annual match sponsorship opportunities
    • Support and representation in the Shooting Sports
    • Licensed use of SASS® trademarks & logo
    • Discounted 12x rate for all advertising purchased in
    The Cowboy Chronicle
    • The opportunity to foster the organized growth of
    Cowboy Action Shooting™ in a manner consistent
    with the Spirit of the Game

SASS® Affiliated Club Requirements

• Conduct its matches in compliance with the SASS®
Shooters handbooks
• Have a regularly scheduled shooting program
• Respect all SASS® aliases and shooter numbers
• Regularly provide SASS® with copies of club
newsletters and/or bulletins
• Provide a fully completed SASS® Affiliate Club
registration form and applicable fees annually
• Provide Proof of liability insurance
for the coming year (US organizations only)




A Territorial Governor is an elected or appointed representative of a SASS affiliated club. The Territorial Governor's term of office is twelve months. There is no limit to the length of appointment.

Territorial Governors bring important issues to SASS, provide an effective conduit for SASS to keep its members informed, and have been effective in implementing changes throughout the organization.
SASS uses The Territorial Bulletin to communicate directly with Territorial Governors who are asked to vote on issues and proposals from new rules to club issues and policies.

A Territorial Governor Is

    • Completed 3+ consecutive years as an active SASS Member
    • Belong to at least 1 SASS Affiliated Club
    • RO I & RO II Certified (+ current)
    • Must have attended at least 1 SASS Sanctioned Match Event (State Level or Above)
    • Appointed/elected by the SASS affiliated club members he or she represents
    • The affiliated club's official representative at SASS Territorial Governor meetings and;
    • Committed to serving the interests of his or her club consistent with the promulgation and preservation of Cowboy Action Shooting and "the Spirit of the Game."


  • Represent and support SASS, its philosophy, and its purpose to club members
  • Gather comments, criticisms, needs, suggestions, and proposed rule changes, and communicate these to the SASS Board of Directors
  • Vote on proposed rule changes and other issues tabled by the Board of Directors
  • Maintain current knowledge regarding Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS, its history, philosophy, purpose, direction, and Spirit of the Game
  • Communicate the Cowboy Action Shooting story locally and regionally to further the growth of the game<
  • Network with other clubs and Territorial Governors



Regulators are those folks who work above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of SASS and their affiliated club(s). Their services are worth more than SASS or their club could ever pay. They personify the Cowboy Way and provide an excellent role model for all shooters, young and old alike.


Potential Regulators are nominated by SASS members or officials. It should be clear in the nomination letter, this nomination is a consensus opinion, not just the feelings of a single individual. Recommendations are received by the Wild Bunch for consideration. Successful candidates are recognized at END of TRAIL with public acknowledgment of their contributions and presentation of the unique, personalized Regulator Badge.

A Regulator does not have to be a life member or club officer. To nominate a Regulator, please send a detailed recommendation letter to the SASS Office. Include as many signatures as possible. No official form is required.

All nominations must be submitted by April 1st.

Click Here for a Complete Listing of our esteemed SASS Regulators!


SASS Club Recruitment Incentive Program

What is the SASS Club Recruitment Incentive Program?

The SASS Membership Incentive Program is exclusive to SASS Affiliated Clubs. This program is a great opportunity for generating revenue for your club coffers. The goal of the program is to encourage SASS membership wihtin your club while stimultaneously contributing to the continued growth and future sustainability of the Single Action Shooting Society.

How it Works

  • Recruit a new member to join SASS
  • Your Club sells the new SASS memberhip at the current published rates
  • your club KEEPS $5 of each new membership
  • Submit new Membership to SASS using the official Recruitment Program Application Form. (download PDF below)

For more information about the Recruitment Progam and to start taking advantage of this incentive, click the links below.

Click here for Membership Recruitment Program Information

Click here for the Membership Recruitment Program Application




While it is not a requirement for anyone to receive prizes, it has become a tradition in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting annual matches to give door prizes. The following outline provides you with a fair and easy tracking system for distributing.

The recommendations are simple: prizes are awarded by some form of random drawing (with the possible exception of the winners, competitors are rewarded for participating, not how well they shoot). It is very important the sponsors understand their prizes have been given to the competitors, and it's very nice when it is clear the competitors appreciate their prizes. It is also strongly advised to not use any structured part of your program, such as the Saturday night party, to distribute the prizes. As much as they are appreciated, these distribution ceremonies


One successful technique for accomplishing the above used successfully by several of the larger clubs is as follows:

Once you have received a donation from a sponsor, it can be cataloged and given a sequential number. A spreadsheet is a convenient tool for recording every receipt. Each individual line should include the following: Prize # — Sponsor — Prize Description — Sponsor Contact Name — Sponsor Company — Sponsor Address — Phone — Fax. This will ensure an easy process of labeling the "Thank You" cards to be returned to every donating sponsor.
Once all donations have been received, print two sets of labels from the spread sheet. One label includes the Sponsor name — Prize Description — Prize Number. The other label includes the Sponsor Contact Name — Company — Address. Purchase pre-postage paid postcards from the post office. Place the address label on the postage side of the card and the prize description on the other side, leaving room for a personal note and "thank you".


These cards now become the prize drawing cards. They are placed in a container from which the shooters will draw. A few hours on Friday or Saturday (e.g., 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) has proven to be sufficient for all shooters to draw their prize cards. The shooters present their score cards, which are punched to indicate they have made their pass through the prize line. The shooter keeps the card he or she has drawn. They sign it, are encouraged to write a brief thank you note on it, and turn it in at another designated time (e.g., Sunday, 9:00AM 1:30AM) to redeem their prize. The shooter will exchange the card for the prize, and within five business days, all post cards should be mailed by the match organizer, completing the cycle back to the sponsors.


As your club progresses, you can attract the interest of the local radio, print, and television media. Unlike other shooting sports, Cowboy Action Shooting can use the general public's affection for the nostalgic Old West to enhance its image and attract favorable coverage. A good relationship with the press is to be cultivated and treasured. Most communities have public service announcements made by the local radio stations. Clubs in many areas of the country have been successful in having their matches (at least the large annual matches) announced as part of the community event calendar. Similarly, one can request a listing in other travel, tourist, and auto club publications. Remember, most magazines have about a three month lead time for publication.


The Cowboy Chronicle has come to be known as the publication relating to this sport. In addition to articles detailing all aspects of Cowboy Action Shooting, the last few pages of each issue list the affiliated club monthly and annual match schedules around the country.
Tex, editor of The Cowboy Chronicle, has always been most helpful to those seeking publication of their club activities and shooting schedules. He suggests each club appoint a person to act as liaison between the club and The Cowboy Chronicle to maximize the amount of material available for publication. Send all potential publication material to Tex in care of the SASS Office.


Many families can boast of more than one member in their Cowboy Action Shooting club. Several have as many as three or four generations playing our game. This is truly a family sport. The more members from a family who participate, the greater the longevity of that family in the club. It's that simple. Do not overlook the tremendous appeal of this sport to women and junior shooters. In some clubs they represent 25 percent of the membership.

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