With the record turnout of SASS Conventioneers at END of TRAIL, we have committed to offer even more activities for 2013! Conventioneers are entitled to participate in all END of TRAIL activities, except the main shooting competition and side matches. With a full schedule of entertainment, seminars, shopping and all evening events, END of TRAIL Conventioneers are sure to be busy all weekend! You don't have to shoot END of TRAIL to be part of it. Come as a Conventioneer and join the fun!

Conventioneer activities and events include:

  • 6-Stage Warm-up Match on Monday or Tuesday (Extra Fee)
  • All Event activities, social time, evening entertainment- You name it!

  • Special Conventioneer shooting bays all weekend long!

  • Cowboy bag of goodies

  • Access to all Seminars and workshops

  • Day shooter parking

  • Conventioneer lapel pin, and registration badge

  • Invited to attend all evening events

  • SASS Range Operations Safety Course

  • Encouraged to wear yer shootin' irons

  • Must be a SASS MEMBER in good standing


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